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Seth Morrisroe

Lab Assistant

Seth grew up in a small city in northern PA and spent most of his childhood in the woods behind his house. He was interested in science ever since he started school but it wasn’t until middle school that he realized how much he enjoyed cellular and sub-cellular biology. Through his time in high school and his undergraduate work, he focused on this topic, as well as chemical signaling throughout the body. During his undergrad years, Seth was able to participate in a cellular based research project that focused on Parkinson’s, providing him with his first experience with lab work. From that point on, he knew he wanted to continue in this work and he feels that the CRISMA Center is an excellent place for him to do that.

Seth joined the CRISMA Center in mid-October 2015 and in addition to learning about techniques not demonstrated at his undergraduate college, he will also have the opportunity to pursue a master's degree. As a new member of the Pittsburgh area, Seth spends most of his free time participating in the different activities that you can find in a city this size.