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Maighdlin Anderson, CRNP, RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP

CRNP - 4G Neurotrauma ICU



Maighdlin is a board certified acute care nurse practitioner licensed to care for adults with acute, critical and complex chronic illness. Initially Maighdlin trained as a physicist and spent several years working with the University of York Structural Biology group in York, England and the University of Maryland Biotechnology Group in Baltimore, Maryland on protein structure and function. Maighdlin returned to school to get her degree in nursing, however, to find a more direct path to human service and human problem solving. In 2008 she received her BSN from Francis Marion University and in 2012 she received her MSN from the University of Pittsburgh. As a nurse and now as a nurse practitioner she cares for patients who are critically ill specializing in the ICU care of patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.

Originally from Montana, Maighdlin spent most of her childhood living in the Deep Springs College community on a desert ranch near Bishop, California. Outside of work Maighdlin and her husband David (an Assistant Professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University) spend most of their time with their three kids Quin, Aeryn and Iggy.


Education & Training




University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA



Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Francis Marion University, Florence SC




University of California, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA

  2001 Physics


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