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Joanne Hasskamp

Research Specialist

Joanne Hasskamp has a B.S Biochemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University in Interdisciplinary Biotechnology and Biology.  She has diverse research experience in both industrial R&D and translational cancer research.  As a Project Scientist in R&D at Becton Dickinson in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Joanne developed liposome technology for use in medical diagnostics and assessed feasibility of hematology diagnostics.  As the Oncology Researcher at the Medstar Weinberg Cancer Institute at Franklin Square Hospital Center in Baltimore, Maryland, Joanne managed the Melanoma Research Lab, prepared vaccines for melanoma immunotherapy clinical trials, researched melanoma biology and studied dendritic cells using flow cytometry.  As a Research Scientist II in R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Pittsburgh, Joanne developed and validated a cryopreservation medium and cell culture media for stem cells.  As a Research Scientist II in R&D at GE Healthcare in Pittsburgh, Joanne researched the feasibility of a neural stem cell culture medium.