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Hernando Gomez Danies, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Critical Care Medicine

Admin Assistant: Victoria Smith

Dr. Hernando Gómez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Critical Care Medicine and is a clinician-researcher.  His clinical interest is focused on surgical and cardiovascular critically ill patients and currently works in the surgical and cardiothoracic intensive care units.  His research interest has been directed towards the assessment and understanding of tissue perfusion during shock states.  He has studied the metabolic and hemodynamic responses to hemorrhagic shock in animal models, minimally invasive and non invasive monitors of perfusion in trauma, sepsis, cardiac surgery and shock, and outcome prediction tools in critically ill patients using acid base models.  Most recently, he has centered his research interest in the study of mitochondrial respiration during sepsis and its relationship to global measurements of perfusion.  He is also a candidate for a Masters in Public Health degree at the Graduate School of Public Health of the University of Pittsburgh.  In addition, he has recently received a training grant (CEED Grant) from the Institute of Clinical Research Education (ICRE), with which he will further pursue education in grant proposal writing skills. Finally, his prior training in anesthesiology and interest in the acuity of airway management, has led him to be involved as a clinician-educator teaching basic and advanced airway management to the critical care fellows.

Education & Training




International Baccalaureate (IB)
The English School
Bogota, DC - Colombia
Certificate 1995  
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Bogota, DC - Colombia
Doctor Medicine & Surgery 2001 Medicine & Surgery
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Bogota, DC - Colombia
Medical Internship 2000  
Fundacion Hospital San Carlos
Bogota, DC - Colombia
Critical Care Clinical Fellowship 2002 Critical Care
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Critical Care Observer 2006  
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Hospital de la Santa Cruz I Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain Critical Care Rotation 2006  
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Bogota, DC - Colombia
Anesthesiology / Resuscitation 2007  
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA Post Doctoral - Research Fellow Present  
University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA Multidisciplinary Masters Present  
Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training Program, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Critical Care Medicine Fellowship 2010  



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