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Chuck Boig, BS, RRT

Education Coordinator

Chuck Boig has been a member of the Respiratory Care Services at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for many years.  He has serve as the Assistant Director, Education Coordinator and Home Care/Discharge Coordinator.  He has helped to create and coordinate the first Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Transport Team.  He also took part in the education and discharge coordination of the first ventilator dependent pediatric patient to be discharge from the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and since then, he has educated the caretakers and coordinated the discharge of more than a thousand pediatric patients. Over the years he has been a great resource to the RT staff as well as to others, and have contributed greatly to the development of our services and our clinical training programs for students.


BA, University of Connecticut;  Secondary Education:  Science/Math
AS, Community College Of Allegheny College;  Respiratory Therapy
Corps School, United States Navy
FMS School, United States Marine Corps
SERE School, United States Military


Advance for Respiratory Care  and Sleep Medicine" : "Mechanical ventilation in the home environment

Response Time'  a publication for pre-hospital personnel :  "Home Care for the pre hospital care provider

Awards Received

Respiratory Care Excellence Award CHP/RCS 2006