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Charmaine Pykosh, BA, BSN, MSN

Acute Care Nurse Practicioner-BC (CRNP)
Certified Critical Care Nurse (CCRN)
Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Nursing, Acute and Tertiary Department


Ms. Pykosh has received a BA from the University of Pittsburgh as well as a BSN and MS from the University of Pittsburgh. After completion of her Master’s Degree (with a Critical Care Subspecialty) and obtaining her certification as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) she worked in the Emergency Room at Jefferson Center Hospital in Pittsburgh for a short time. She then took a position with the Department of Thoracic Surgery at UPMC for 3 years as a CRNP.   At that time there were limited jobs in the ICUs for nurse practitioners which continued to be her primary interest.  Eventually a position in the intensive care units with the newly developed  Intensivist Service at UPMC Shadyside became available and she was offered the job. This position received funding from a grant to institute a ventilator weaning protocol which she revised and adapted to the ICU population.  She was the first Acute Care Nurse Practitioner hired for the ICUs at Shadyside Hospital and at the close of the grant funding she was able to petition the administration to make the position permanent.  As the initial ACNP in the Shadyside Hospital ICUs she had the responsibility of writing the job description and job requirements which were also approved by the administration.  The opportunity to return to the Transplant ICU (where she had worked as a clinical nurse for 10 years) at UPMC-Presbyterian was offered to her by the Department of Critical Care Medicine.  She accepted this position and continues to work there.

Currently Adjunct Professor University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Nursing, Acute and Tertiary Department

Outside interests: Cycling, running, horseback riding and an avid hockey fan (Pittsburgh Penguin season ticket holder)


Education & Training




University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Nursing



Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Subspecialty–Critical Care Medicine

University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing




University of Pittsburgh College of Arts and Sciences



Liberal Studies

Shadyside Hospital School of Nursing