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Bela Eross, MS, RRT

Bela Eross has been an active member of the profession for many years.  Throughout these years he has been instrumental in developing and shaping the profession through his involvement in teaching,  research,  publications, as well as activities in local and national professional organizations.  He has greatly influenced the development of the RC profession in the Western Pennsylvania area, where he was an active part of establishing , and later served as the Director of the First AMA approved school in the State, which was one of the first 6 AMA approved schools in the US.  He has contributed to the development of RT schools, has lectured and published extensively, and had a positive impact on improving patient care via numerous RC inventions.  Among other things, he developed the first endo-tracheal tube holder, the first threshold resistance (magnetic) PEEP valve, and the first slip-proof  connectors that greatly improved patient safety during mechanical ventilation in the ICU and in the OR.  He promoted the profession via active involvement, serving on boards and committees of local and national organizations.   



MS, Health Care Administration University of Pittsburgh
BS, Health Care Administration University of Pittsburgh
AS, Respiratory Therapy Community College of Allegheny County

Teaching Appointments

Director of AMA approve RT Program
Clinical Instructor, Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor Community College of Allegheny County School of RT


Eross, B.:  Non-slipping, Non-kinking Airway Connections for Respiratory Care, Anesthesiology 34/6:571-573, 1971.

Eross, B.:  A Device to Facilitate FIO2 Monitoring During IPPV, Respiratory Therapy 1-2:28-29, September-October, 1971.

Eross, B.:  A New Inexpensive IPPV Exhalation Valve for Automatic Ventilators, Anesthesiology 35:317-319, September, 1971

Eross, B.:  Non-Rebreathing “T” for Ventilation Meters.  Respiratory Therapy 3-1:40, January-February, 1973

Eross, B.:  Incentive Spirometry:  Problems and Solutions. Respiratory Therapy 5-2:40.  March-April, 1975

Eross, B. and Grenvik, A.:  A System to Scavenge Contaminated Gases from Respiratory Therapy Equipment.  Respiratory Care, 20-9.836, September, 1975.

Greenbaum, D.M., Millen, E., Eross, B., Snyder, J.V., Grenvik, A, and Safar, P.:  Use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure without Tracheal Intubation in Spontaneously Breathing Patients. Chest, 69:5, May 1976.

Powner, D., Eross, B., Grenvik, A.:  Differential Lung Ventilation with PEEP in the Treatment of Unilateral Pneumonia, Critical Care Medicine. 5:4, July-August, 1977.

Powner, D., Eross, B.:  Oxygen Therapy for the Adult Patient, Post Graduate Medicine. 70:4, October, 1981.

Greenbaum, D.M., Millen, E., Eross, B., Snyder, J.V., Grenvik, A., and Safar, P.:  Continuous Airway Pressure via Face Mask is a Dangerous Step Backward.  To the Editor.  Chest, 71:1 January 1977

Greenbaum, D.M., Millen, J.E., Eross, B., Snyder, J.V., Grenvik, A., an Safar, P.:  Continous Positive Airway Pressure in Adults by Face Mask.  Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Society of Critical Care Medicine Meeting and the International Congress on Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, May 4-8, 1976.  Crit. Care Med. 4/2:114-115 (March-April) 1976.

Eross, B.,Tobias, J, Hrehocik, A., and Kern, C.:  Instant Oxygen Delivery System for Manual Resuscitators, Respiratory Care, 29:9, September, 1984.

RC Inventions

Seven Patented  & many non-patented inventions (Slip-proof connectors, Magnetic threshold resistant PEEP Valves, Endow tracheal Tube Holder,  FIO2 adaptor, Tube clamp,  Fiber-optic Bronchoscope swivel, Instant O2 Flow Valves,  IMV Device,  Edwards IS Volume indicator, Tracheal tube Pilot Tube kit, Automatically Dumping Water Traps, etc.)

Awards Received

Western Pa Chapter of the AARC Service Award

Hall of Fame Award Presbyterian University Hospital

Department of Anesthesiology / Critical Care Medicine PUH: Service Excellence Award