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CRISMA Biostatistical and Data Management Core

The CRISMA Biostatistical and Data Management Core provides data storage, data management and information security services to CRISMA researchers. The Core is designed to facilitate translational, clinical and health services research projects that make use of highly sensitive patient information.

Standard Operating Procedures

All Biostatistics and Data Management Core activities are governed by the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC guidelines for data and server security, server specifications, and procedures for data use. These guidelines are available upon request.

Data Requests

CRISMA data files are available to University of Pittsburgh Researchers an others pursuant to the terms of the standard operating procedures. All parties interested in using CRISMA data must complete the Data Request Form. A Biostatistical and Data Management Core administrator will contact you within 3-5 days.

Secure Server Access

CRISMA maintains a highly-throughput computing platform for the management and analysis of large public health datasets directly in a secure environment. Use of this server is restricted to CRISMA research projects with a compelling need for high-capacity analysis of data containing protected health information.

To inquire about how to use the secure server for a new research project, please e-mail the CRISMA Secure Server Access Manager.

To obtain access to the secure server for an existing research project please complete the Secure Server Access Form.

Help Desk

The CRISMA Biostatistical and  Data Management Core provides technological support and troubleshooting for CRISMA researchers and individuals using the Secure Server. Use the Help Desk Form to initiate a ticket for technological support.

Note: this form is only for assistance with data involving CRISMA research projects. Please DO NOT use this form for technological support for UPMC computers or UPMC information systems—instead contact your systems administrator.

General Information

For more information about the Biostatistical and Data Management Core or for any questions concerning CRISMA data management activities, please contact the CRISMA Biostatistical and Data Management Core Manager.