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CRISMA Administrative Core

Overall, the Administrative Core coordinates research operations, ensuring that the infrastructure is in place to support CRISMA Center Programs, and make certain that our investigators, research fellows, and research staff have the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful.  The Administrative Core works in tandem with other administrative departments in the CCM Department to enhance existing services, and provides oversight of all CRISMA Core Services. 





The Admin Core provides administrative oversight, including:

  • Delivery of routine administrative support services, including formatting grant submissions, an manuscripts, managing NIH biosketches, arranging travel and scheduling meetings for investigators
  • Planning events and activities, including the weekly CRISMA Research Conference
  • Managing and allocating physical space and other facilities functions
  • Coordinating updates to the website and handling other communication and marketing efforts in conjunction with CCM’s Office of Integrated Communication.
  • Working closely with CCM’s Personnel Administrator to coordinate recruiting and hiring, and providing support in the development and training of all CRISMA Center research staff.

Grant Management

The Administrative Core works closely with CCM’s Research Office, who provide oversight of the following pre- and post-award services to all CRISMA researchers:

  • Oversee development of budgets and all grant proposal submission
  • Facilitate execution of the following non-financial agreements: CDA’s/NDA’s, DUA’s and MTA’s
  • Financial management, including grant account reconciliation, subawards and subaccounts, procurement, reimbursements and disbursements
  • Manage compliance with federal and institutional requirements
  • Tracking submission of Conflict of Interest, Intellectual Property Contracts, and other similar compliance documentation


Two primary committees contribute to the management of the CRISMA Center, and are essential component of the Administrative Core.

The CRISMA Executive Management (CEM) Committee oversees strategic planning and determines the overall direction in order to ensure that Center achieves its mission. 

CRISMA Executive Management Committee (CEM)

Derek Angus Joyce Chang Gilles Clermont
David Huang Jeremy Kahn John Kellum
Janeen LaForce Octavia Peck Palmer Douglas White
Sachin Yende    


The Management and Logistics Group (MLG) helps to shape policy and procedure development, allocate resources, and address ongoing needs of research staff.

Management and Logistics Group (MLG)

Barbary Early Michele Elder Vanessa Jackson (interim)
Courtney Kuza Janeen LaForce Edvin Music
Caroline Pidro Anne-Marie Shields