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VA CPRS Training (Block 3)

03/10/2017 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
VA CPRS Training
Room 10N101

Block 10 3/14 -4/10

Melissa Loveranes


VA CPRS Training Schedule CCM Fellows 2016-17 FINAL

All mandatory CPRS trainings 1:30-3:00p Room 10N101


  1. Report first to Michelle Poropatic in Critical Care Service Line, Room 2A122 to obtain login access to VA computer systems on FRIDAY prior to Block switch date
  2. Mandatory CPRS training MONDAY prior to Block switch on Tuesday
  3. Report to Megan Vennero, CRNP on 3E ICU to get oriented to ICU Housestaff shared drive & documents
  4. Receive clinical sign-out from current fellows on service
  5. If not already done: Stop by Police Administration (Room AN301 on Ground floor) to see Ken Valcho or George Faltot to get card programmed for locked access (ICUs, ED, Building 29 code elevators)