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BDMC Speaker Series

The CRISMA BDMC Speaker Series is a monthly lecture held in Scaife 615 at 11:30am.


September 10, 2018 V. Jackson, J. LaForce, E. Music, C. Pidro The Core Curriculum: Transformation and Revised Procedures of the CRISMA Cores
October 1, 2018 TBD Data Security Plan
November 5, 2018 TBD Data Use Agreements
December 3, 2018 TBD Remap



Note: Some lectures will require you to log on with your University of Pittsburgh credentials prior to viewing. 

Archived lectures can be found below:

04/02/2018 Dr. Shyam Visweswaran
Developing Patient-Specific Predictive Models

03/05/2018 Yan Lin
Statistical Design of Phase I Oncology Trials

01/22/2018 George C. Tseng
MORA: Model Organism Resemblance Analysis

12/04/2017 Dr. Ying Ding
Network Analysis of Proteomics Data, with Applications in Psychiatry Research

11/06/2017 Dr. Chris Seymour
EHR Data in CCM

10/02/2017 Abdus Wahed, PhD
Introduction to Smart Designs for the Development of Adaptive Interventions

09/11/2017 Wei Tian, PhD
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements in Conducting Clinical Trials - Data Management and Statistical Analyses

04/03/2017 Lora Burke, PhD
Real Time Data Collection with Adaptive Sampling and Innovative Technologies

03/06/2017 Chaeryon Kang, PhD
Statistical and Dynamical Systems Modeling of M-Intervention for Pain

02/06/2017 Melissa Ratajeski, MLIS, AHIP, RLAT
Data Sharing

01/09/2017 Eleanor Feingold, PhD
Big Data: What’s the BIG deal?

12/05/2016 Ervin Sejdic, PhD
Introduction to big data and recent advances to understand changes in swallowing, gait, and handwriting functions

11/07/2016 Melissa Ratajeski
Can HSLS Help You?

10/03/2016 Qi Mi, PhD
Python for Big Data Analytics

09/12/2016 Jonathan G. Yabes, PhD
Design Considerations for Pilot Studies in Clinical Research